People Minus X
A disastrous experiment destroys the moon and kills millions on earth. The invention of artificial flesh lets them return to life as androids, a second and perhaps superior human species. Mounting tensions between the naturals and the “phonies” erupts in violence. Will this scientific advance bring eternal life and the gift of travel to the stars or bring about mankind’s self-destruction?

Say Not the Struggle Naught Availeth
Arthur Hugh Clough (kluf) was an English poet, an educationalist, and the devoted assistant to ground-breaking nurse Florence Nightingale. He was the brother of suffragist Anne Clough, who became principal of Newnham College, Cambridge.

Wet Magic
A book about children who find magic in every day life .. and discover that mermen and mermaids actually have a whole underwater kingdom with Kings and Queens and of course Princesses. Of course you probably know these delightful children from their earlier adventures with magic, Bernard, Mavis, Kathleen, and Francis. Just normal children who believe in the fun of imagining and of magic. In this story Francis, who has always loved the idea of the sea but has never actually seen it, is very excited about going to the seashore for holiday. He finds an old aquarium and the others help him lug it home only to have their hopes dashed by Aunt Enid who was in charge temporarily. But then ...
Sabueso de los Baskerville
El sabueso de los Baskerville, también traducido como El perro de los Baskerville o El mastín de los Baskerville, es la tercera novela de Arthur Conan Doyle que tiene como protagonista principal a Sherlock Holmes. Fue publicada por entregas en el The Strand Magazine entre 1901 y 1902. La novela está principalmente ambientada en Dartmoor, en Devon en el Condado Oeste de Inglaterra. Conan Doyle escribió esta historia poco después de regresar de Sudáfrica, donde había trabajado como voluntario médico en The Langman Field Hospital en Bloemfontein. Fue asistido en el argumento por un periodista de 30 años de edad del Daily Express llamado Bertram Fletcher Robinson (1870-1907). Sus ideas...

The editor of the volume Made in the Trenches includes these poignant notes:
Corporal Streets, in submitting these sonnets some months ago, wrote: "They express not only my feelings but the feelings of thousands of others who, like myself, are on the verge of departure from England."

Cpl. Streets, in a letter accompanying later poems, also wrote: "They were inspired while I was in the trenches, where I have been so busy that I have had little time to polish them. I have tried to picture some thoughts that pass through a man's brain when he dies. I may not see the end of the poems, but hope to live to do so. We soldiers have our views of life to express, though th...
"Myszeis" (znany także jako "Myszeidos pieśni X") to chronologicznie pierwszy z trzech poematów heroikomicznych Ignacego Krasickiego. Poeta wyśmiewa w nim niektóre współczesne sobie zjawiska za pomocą opowieści o wielkiej wojnie między myszami i szczurami po jednej stronie, a kotami i ludźmi po drugiej.

Król Popiel, po krótkim okresie faworyzowania myszy, zmienia zdanie i czyni swoim faworytem kota. Wkrótce nastaje wielkie prześladowanie myszy i szczurów, a te postanawiają odpowiedzieć kontratakiem. Wybucha wojna...

Wzorując poemat na "Iliadzie" poeta nadał uczestniczącym postaciom zwierzęcym imiona mające pasować swoją rangą do epickiego charakteru opowieści. Odbiorca znajd...
Canadian Boat-Song
Portion of an article in Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, VOL. XXVI July-December, 1829 "The late Earl of Eglinton, a distinguished member of a family not destitute of Celtic blood, and which has even been illustrious honour and patriotic feelings and principles, had a high opinion of the loyalty and bravery of the Canadian Highlanders, and left the following translation of one of their boat songs among his papers, set to music by his own hand."

Cuentos Escogidos (Traducidos directamente del dinamarqués)
La edición popular que en 1881 recopiló toda la obra de Andersen con el titulo de AVENTURAS E HISTORIAS, lleva al final unas notas autobiográficas, escritas en los años 62 y 74. Ya en 1862 reunió Andersen, en el mismo orden con que fueron escritos y vieron la luz,.todos sus cuentos, ilustrados por el malogrado B. Pedersen. La mayor parte de los publicados en este tomo pertenecen a las AVENTURAS recopiladas en el 62, y como hemos dicho,

Ilustradas principalmente por Pedersen.
Saints and Heroes to the End of the Middle Ages
Though these stories of the lives of twenty saints and heroes of the faith, we have an introduction to the history of the church from 3rd century A.D. to the Reformation. These stories chronicle their lives and sacrifices for the faith. These saints and heroes include: Cyprian, Athanasius, Ambrose, Chrysostom, Jerome, Augustine, Benedict, Gregory the Great, Columba, Charlemagne, Hildebrand, Anselm, Bernard, Becket, Langton, Dominic, Francis, Wycliffe, Hus, and Savonarola. Appropriate for children and adults.

Little Brother to the Bear
William J. Long again introduces us to some of the Wood Folk and their stories of living based on his own observations in the woods. In this volume, Mooweesuk the Coon is called the bear's little brother because he so often resembles the "big prowler in the black coat." Also included are chapters on the woodcock, the wildcat, the toad, and many other animals. He likewise includes a chapter on "animal surgery" that describes some ways animals treat their wounds and a chapter on "Hunting without a Gun", which is based on following large animals and observing them. Long's books are great for children and adults alike!